Dorian Cleavenger

Dorian's Fantasy Art Program which is now approved at the Douglas Education Center where he teaches.

Douglas School

Preparing sudents with the skills necessary to become professional fantasy/sci-fi artists as to meet the industries growing needs for original thinkers and designers.

The Dorian Cleavenger Fantasy Art Program at the Douglas Education Center helps students by covering industry specific fields such as conceptual art, fairy tale illustration, creature/character designing, special weapons/vehicle designs and comic art/storyboarding.

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Yamato USA has recently been taking orders for their first figure based on a popular fantasy artist's work: the painting "Akira" by Dorian. See the home page for details on purchasing this magnificent reproduction.

Dorian has released a series of short videos on You Tube which can be accessed under his name (Dorian Cleavenger) or dorianart. Some advertise Dorian's classes at Douglas Education Center, others cover aspects of his art and a recent series of fantasy tales directly from his wildly creative imagination showing the stories which led to producing some of his paintings and other unique original stories.

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